US burned billions of dollars to ‘clean up’ Huawei

The process of “cleaning up” Huawei devices from the network infrastructure in the US can cost a billion dollars, mainly hardware replacement costs for small network operators. According to CNET, Geoffrey Starks, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, insists that in addition to banning the use of Huawei devices in the process of building a 5G network in the US, older 3G and 4G systems also need to be “immune” to products from Chinese manufacturers. Starks said that the old telecommunications infrastructure using Huawei devices could still be dangerous. He also asked the US government to ensure there is no security risk in the current systems. The first thing, according to Starks, is to make a list of network owners who own high-risk equipment. An association of small networkers once told him that one-fourth of their 50 members are still using Huawei devices. The next step is to determine the severity of the problem. This process requires finding Huawei programs, codes or hardware on the existing telecommunications network. Starks interpret: “Does it go to the core of the network, like routers and servers? Or will it expand to antennas and radios? We need to detect every problem device”. Finally remove them. Starks stated that the best solution is “destroy and replace”. Small operators, who choose Huawei devices for their low cost, will need funding from the government to pay for the project. The total cost is expected to range from 700 million to 1 billion USD. US lawmakers are worried that Huawei might be the “insider” from the Chinese government, spying on and tracking intelligence. However, the company has repeatedly denied this allegation. Huawei Liang Hua chairman said he is willing to sign a “no spy” agreement with any country. Although four major US carriers are not using Huawei devices, Geoffrey Starks still determines if a unit has security issues, “we are all like that”. He said the Federal Communications Commission is considering supporting the Global Service Fund for any carrier with “unsafe” hardware. Huawei is the world’s largest network equipment provider. Countries are still debating whether to restrict hardware from this Chinese company in the 5G network infrastructure. So far, only the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia have passed the ban.

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