Danglie Bits ~ Things that Dangle… studio

Danglie Bits ~ Things that Dangle… studio


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Danglie Bits ~ whimsies that dangle...

Studio Bits

     Featured here are photos of my temporary studio and various bead experiemnts. I use Effrete Glass for the most part. I recently bought some Bullseye and Pi glasses. They are of a different COE and they have some awesome colors. I will probably be converting to those glasses when the other is all gone.

     I mangle my glass on a Nortel Mid-Range Plus, using the top torch, (a minor burner). After I am done with a bead or piece, I flame anneal them well, then put them directly into my kiln for annealing. Annealing gives the beads strength and helps them to cool down slower without shocking them. When cooled, I ream the bead release out of the beads with a diamond drill.

     I do not tend to do sets of anything. I like picking up various rods of color and putting them together to see the results. I can not bring myself to sit and try to make exact copies of beads. It is a whimsical way to make beads and such. I may stay in a group of colors for a few beads, at the most.

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Dragon by Linda Diak
Needlefelted "Torchie" Dragon by Linda Diak of Grafton’s Fibers