Still Time to Vote for the Clerc’s Children Website in the Pepsi Refresh Project

Eight days remain to vote for the Clerc’s Children website in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Why is it important to vote? Ninety percent of deaf children enter kindergarten either with severe delay in language or with little or no language skills. Clerc’s Children is an interactive and education website for families of deaf or hard-of-hearing infants and toddlers that teaches both American Sign Language (ASL) and English vocabulary. You can vote once a day through August 31. At eighteen months, my hard-of-hearing grandson James could sign 100 words, so teaching babies, toddlers, and preschool children ASL is dear to my heart. Clerc’s Children Website Description The website is designed to use with deaf and hard-of-hearing children from birth to five years to prepare them for kindergarten. The website provides teaching tools for parents at home with a bilingual educational curriculum. Clerc’s Children is now in thirty-ninth place in the vote. It needs to be in the top ten to receive the grant. If Clerc’s Children wins the $50,000 grant, the current beta website will be ready for launch in January of 2011. Three ways to vote for Clerc’s Children A. To vote directly for Clerc’s Children click: 1. This will bring you to a web page that says “Good Idea” at the top. Underneath that banner is an orange box in which is written: “Launch 1st early bilingual website for deaf toddlers and their families.” 2. To the right is a gray shape with “Vote for this idea,” Click on the words. 3 A new box jumps onto the page. a. On the left is the option to sign in through your FaceBook account. b. On the right is the option so sign in directly with Pepsi. If you choose this option: c. Type in your email address in the box 4. First timers have to enter a Pepsi password. The password can be a familiar one, or you can birth a new password if you choose. 5. Lastly, two oddly-slanted printed words are in a box under “password.” Type in those words in the empty box under the words. 6. Click “Submit” and tah dah! You have voted for the Clerc’s Children website. You’ll be delighted with how toddlers use American Sign Language in the video on the Pepsi Refresh Project web page for Clerc’s Children, so be sure and watch it. B. Text Vote: To: 73774 Msg:101469 then send. C. Vote on FaceBook: “Like” and download “Pepsi Refresh Voting App” then search for Clerc’s Children and vote. Source: Terrylene Sacchetti, Founder and CEO of Clerc’s Children

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