Simple Ideas for Spring Home Makeovers

If you are not particularly quick on the home decorating uptake or simply need some fresh ideas for spring decorating, this article is for you. Most of the suggestions and ideas presented in this article are aimed at everyday people looking to spruce up their homes for spring but need to mind a budget. Home decorating is as much about creating a mindset and a mood for yourself and your guests as it is about making your house look great. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but you will be much happier with the results if they come from your own creativity and personality. Anyone can pore over magazines and websites for decorating inspiration, but the truly fantastic designs are ones that come from within. If you are at a loss when it comes to decorating for spring, try brainstorming. Think about spring and what it represents. How does spring look in comparison to other seasons? How does it smell? What does it taste like? What colors represent spring? See? It really is all about interpretation and an individual’s perceptions based on all of their five senses. For many people, springtime is fresh and airy. Flowers are in bloom. Birds are chirping. The rain and snow start to give way to the sunlight. In contrast to the feeling of warmth and coziness of fall and winter, spring feels light and open. Everything is clean and new again. The preceeding examples are the types of feelings and sensations that most people want to incorporate into spring decorating and they are easy to achieve, even for those on a tight budget. It is just a matter of being creative and using some often overlooked techniques and a little bit of elbow grease, and you can make your house embody the true essence of springtime. This time of year is the perfect time to plant flowers. Many people prefer perennials, such as tulips, lilies, and roses, because they will come back year after year without having to be re-planted. The examples mentioned above are also hearty flower varieties that also grow quickly. If you have not already done so, you should really take the time to plant flowers. It takes very little effort and will make the outside of your home look and feel more like spring. Use whatever types and colors of flowers and plants that appeal to you and encompass your perceptions of spring. Additionally, you will then have a free, renewable interior decorating resource. There is nothing like walking into a home that is filled with fresh flowers and plants to make a person feel more alive. Filling your house with plant life will make your house alive, too, not to mention adding fresh oxygen for you and your family to breathe. Speaking of fresh air, springtime is the perfect time to open those windows and get rid of that stuffy winter feel in your house. It may still be a little bit chilly outside, depending on where you live, but even having one window cracked open for an hour a day will make a world of difference when it comes to the quality of the air in your home and your physical well-being overall. If you are someone who finds themselves suffering from wintertime depression and your housecleaning has taken a back seat because of it, put your new springtime energy to good use. There is no better time than right now for spring cleaning. First of all, it won’t cost a dime if you already have the cleaning supplies. Secondly, getting rid of the old to make room for the new is a mimicry of spring itself. There is nothing more rewarding than transforming the look and feel of your house and knowing that it made all the difference in the world just to clean it. While you’re cleaning, try re-arranging furniture. This will drastically change the look and feel of your home, and again, it costs nothing. Move furniture closer to sunny windows so that you can take advantage of the increased light and sun. Springtime fabric choices can easily transform a dingy winter home into a crisp, clean, welcoming one. This really includes all fabrics, from the clothing that you wear to window treatments to bedding items. Remember – think spring. Clean whites and invigorating pastels, yellows, light blues, and pinks are all spring colors. Put away all those dark and cozy colors in favor of ones that will create a light and airy feel in your home. If you want to take on a little more challenging project, another great option for spring decorating is painting. If you live in an apartment, you can still paint. A brand new coat of paint, even if it is the same white or eggshell that was on the walls before, will make a room feel like it is brand new. If you approach your landlord and offer to paint the space yourself, they will probably go ahead and pay for the paint so that they do not have to paint themselves. Now that you have some ideas to get you started on the visual aspects of springtime decorating, why not go all out and create a real sensory overload in your home? It is not just about how something looks. It is often a combination of different senses that create the complete package. Use scent to pull it all together. You will get a certain amount of this simply from having windows open and bringing flowers and plants indoors, but you can really ramp up the experience by adding other layers of scent. Something as simple as a dryer sheet placed in the bottom of each of your dresser drawers can create a sense of clean and fresh. Candles, incense, and essential oils are all great options. Take advantage of products like Glade Plug-Ins if you worry about having an open flame in your home. If you smoke, do so outside so that your home can smell great all the time. The point here is to add that special element to your design ideas to really make it your own. Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to use your own creativity to decorate your home for spring this year. Trust your instincts, go with what you know and what you enjoy, and whatever decorating elements you use will be perfect in your home.

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