Danglie Bits ~ Personally…

Danglie Bits ~ Personally…


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Personal Blather

This is the obligatory personal stuff. Or is it?
Debbi Matz, artist, crafter, Mistress of Danglie Bits, Mom, Nana, Torchie
and whatever other title some know or knew me under…

     First, if you are looking for any esoteric wording about what I do, my beliefs or anything like that, you will not find it. Inspiration comes from the dark, twisted, humorous bits buried deep in my little beady brain. It depends on my mood for what I create. I am way over 40 and no longer put up with the dipwads of this world. I love fantasy, fairy tales and other fun stuff. I have been accused of living in those worlds by people living in worlds so filled with pain and misery, well… you can not take anyone serious who has no clue how to live and enjoy it.

     I worked with stoneware clay for over 20 years making wheel-thrown and hand-sculpted dragons and such as "PotWench", before I finally realized the clay wasn’t "talking" to me anymore. In the summer of 2001, I sold my equipment. I needed a change, but I wasn’t quite sure of which direction I wanted to take. I really needed a new life path.

     As a child, I always loved watching the glassblowers at the Fresno County Fair. I still have some pieces my Mom bought me when we attended the fair. Unfortunately, they were broken in our last move. I still collected bits of glass throughout the years. I came across some lovely flameworked beads, bought a couple of books on flameworking and that old love resurfaced with a vengeance.

     I took a beadmaking class September 2004 at Arrow Springs in Shingle Springs CA. That was it. I now come home from work and hit the torch almost nightly. My equipment came by love, from my husband. He can be such a sweetie. I just managed a few dragons that *look* like dragons! So what? With soft glass and only two months of torch time as of December 2004, that isn’t half bad. ;)

     I am working on a line of Pagan things. The runes are the first bits. There will be bags for tarot cards, crystal balls and runes. I hope to bring out more items aligned with my pagan style.

     I was born and baked in Fresno CA. I am married. I escaped up into the High Sierras over 20 years ago. My daughter is in her mid-20s. She gifted us with a gorgeous grandson. He is way too darling. He was born in July 2002. His horns hold up his halo. I wish I had his energy! He tries to charm his way out of trouble, which he is in constantly. I have a Pekingese named Maggie, my best friend.

Now that you’re totally bored…

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