Little things that few people know show Apple’s attention to details

The fact that Apple pays attention to the details and makes them more subtle creates the language designed specifically for their products. Steve Jobs is particularly interested in creating minimalist, user-friendly and, above all, easy-to-use products. That is the principle that helps Apple differ from the rest of the technology world. “It takes a lot of effort to really understand something in a simple way and come up with reasonable solutions,” Steve Jobs told Smithsonian Magazine. Apple’s interest in every detail is reflected in the company’s entire product, from the magnet opening and closing of the AirPods box to improvements in the iPhone software. Mechanism to close the AirPods box Have you ever noticed that the AirPods turn off with just a snap of a finger? Or is the headset neatly placed in the box? “One of the things that caused us to argue the most is how to orient the headset when the user places it in the box. I love that detail. Users will not know how many times we have tried it again. It is really proud that we designed and developed it, “said Jony Ive, Apple Design Manager in an interview with GQ. According to Business Insider, the above details are considered very carefully during the design process. These details give users a sense of perfection when using a headset like AirPods. “Breathing” sleep indicator light on MacBook In 2002, Apple was granted a patent for the Breathing Status LED Indicator (the LED indicates the state of the breathing pattern). On older MacBooks, users can see this light blinking in a slow beat that simulates a sleep state. From there bring “psychological appeal” to laptop owners. Instead of continuous light, the indicator light on some MacBook lines will blink like a human breath. It shows the connection between the user and the device, even the smallest details. “Listening” fan When users call the Siri virtual assistant on a Mac computer, the device will automatically slow down the internal fan speed so that users can hear the voice of the user better. Flashlight icon on and off When you turn on the flashlight from the Control Center on the iPhone, the small switch icon on the lamp also turns on, simulating the actual flashlight. This detail is so small that users cannot recognize it. Apple Card changes color according to spending habits Apple Pay is not available in Vietnam. However, in the US, if users use this card on the iPhone, it will change color according to the spending habits of each person. Apple records transactions on Apple Card and displays by chart, based on the item, it will be in different colors. For example: orange represents food and drink, pink for leisure activities … Not only in the chart, the color is also shown on the virtual card. For example, this month the user goes out to eat too much, the card will appear orange. The glass dome at Apple Park is bent to deflect rain drops The new Apple Park headquarters that has been operating since 2017 is a testament to Apple’s design class. Not only overall, small details on this “spaceship” are also taken care of. For example, the dome of the building is tilted so that the raindrops fall straight to the ground instead of clinging to the glass. Caps Lock button on MacBook Try pressing the “Caps Lock” button on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, users may notice that nothing happens. That’s because the Caps Lock feature will only turn on if the user holds the key a little longer. This is a preventive measure for users to press the wrong key when using. The watch face blooms on the Apple Watch An interesting fact is that the motion wallpapers on Apple Watch are not entirely created by computers but are shot in real life. The apple has spent hundreds of hours filming the blooming flower to create the corresponding wallpaper on the Apple Watch. “I think the longest wallpaper made us lose 285 hours and more than 24,000 photos,” said Alan Dye, Apple’s user interface design manager. Swipe lights to unlock From iOS 9 before, on the device lock screen, the words “Slide to unlock” always have a trail of light running from left to right to help users have a more precise direction of stroking. After that, Apple only kept the familiar text and left it sparkling in the left-to-right direction to guide the user in the right direction. However, with the new iPhone lock screens, manufacturers encourage users to swipe up to unlock. Hangup call button “don’t always show” Many iPhone users wonder why the incoming call will show the listening and interrupt buttons at one time, but sometimes only display the slider to answer, not the break button. As explained by Apple, the slider only displays when the phone is locked so that users do not have to press the rejection button incorrectly, especially when leaving the smartphone in the pocket. If the device is open, they can optionally listen or reject. Jellyfish wallpaper on Apple Watch Like the flower wallpaper, the jellyfish shape on Apple Watch is a combination of scenes and not a computer. Apple built a water tank in the studio and shot it at 300 frames per second to create these images. The Apple Watch screen is transparent like no border The screen of the Apple Watch is designed to look like an infinity screen. Flowers, jellyfish and butterfly wings appear to be floating on the screen. That is the visual effect of OLED displays. In 2015, Jony Ive said the screen helped Apple Watch to display a deeper black color than the iPhone to create a border overflow effect. By 2017, Apple has just sold the first iPhone with an OLED display, iPhone X.

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