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Glass Links
Arrow Springs ~Arrow Springs carries supplies for lampworks. *Everything*. They even make some of the tools!
Bullseye ~Bullseye is my favorite lampworking glass. They are an American company. Their color palette is lovely and their colors really work well with the flame.
Black Swamp Glass ~Tink is a glass artist, to say the least. She makes the best vessels you have ever seen, tiny wearable perfume bottles. Wonderful artwork.
Lampwork, Etc. ~Lampwork, Etc. is a forum for glass artists.
Wet Canvas Art Glass ~Wet Canvas’ Art Glass forum. Wet Canvas also features other srts and crafts.
Art Glass Answers ~Art Glass Answers is a forum for glass artists that… yep, answers questions.

All Sorts of Links
Broom Shop ~The best handmade brooms.
Pat Fish’s Tattoo Santa Barbara ~*Excellent* tattoo artist. You couldn’t find anyone better.
Here Be Dragons ~Everything dragon.
Urban Legends Reference Pages ~If you think something may be a hoax, it probably is. This is the place to go.
Joel’s Oils & Handmade Incense ~The best I have ever used.
Michelle’s Home Page ~My sister’s homepage.
Chu Lai Pekingese ~Beautiful pekes bred by Pat and Charles Farley. Charles is also an excellent graphics artist, specializing in pekes.
Toimanor Pekingese ~Audrey Drake, Janet and Sheilah Oxford, breeders. Beautiful pekes.

Spinning & Fiber
Land of Oz ~Denise Bechelder, owner. Fiber art supplies, Animal photography, organic grains, seeds and flours, and Santa dolls.
Elaine Benfatto’s page ~Tons of info for the handspinner.
Pro Chemical & Dye ~For the fiber artist.
Sandy’s Royal Angoras ~Angora fiber, spinning and fiber supplies.
Spinners’ & Weavers’ Housecleaning Pages ~Where fiber artists sell and trade their used equipment, etc.

Knitting & Crocheting
Avital – The Insane Knitter ~She does the most fantastic teeny-weeny lace work.
Tres Abedules ~An Argentinian crochet site.
Faroese Shawls ~How to design one of your own.
StacyJoy’s How to Knit a Chihuahua Sweater ~I learned to knit with this one. It is very easy to change for a larger dog.
Handknit Hose ~Kilt hose recipe.
KnitNet ~Online E-Zine.
Knitted-Lace List Homepage ~Patterns, tips on knitted lace and info on how to subscribe to the Knitted Lace List.

Books & Magazines
Jeryl Metz, Books. I am a professional bookseller & book-searcher specializing in out-of-print & collectible children’s books & illustrated books. In particular, books by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen & other fine illustrators of the early Twentieth Century & modern illustrators such as Edward Gorey, Ronald Searle, Ralph Steadman & William Steig.
Amazon ~The best place to find books at a discount price.
Hard To Find Needlework Books
Frugal Knitting Haus ~She has a great supply of knitting and crocheting pattern books, booklets, etc.
Schoolhouse Press ~The best knitting books out there, by Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swanson. They also carry videos, kits and more.

Yarns, Patterns & Supplies
HeartStrings Fiber Arts ~Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer, artist and designer. I think Jackie has the best knitted lace patterns available.
Victoria Bales Creations ~Lovely patterns and items.
Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill ~Lots of lovely patterns, especially knitted lace.

Arielle’s Recipe Archive ~Tons of good recipes.
Cake Recipes ~There is also links for other recipe types. The link keeps timing out. I will check it again in case the site went down.
Cookbooks Online ~Over one million recipes available.
CopyKat Creations ~You have tried it in the restaurant, now make it at home and they will show you how.
Top Secret Recipes ~They analyze various favorite commercial foods and make up recipes. Most are pretty close.

Various Craft Supplies
Rings & Things ~A wonderful site for jewelry findings, gems charms, etc. Their prices are great and the staff is friendly and helpful.
Aftosa ~Wholesale pottery and craft supplies.
Dharma Trading Company ~Cotton clothing, dyes and more.

Computer Stuff
BladePro ~Plug-In for Paint Shop Pro and other graphic programs.
Paint Shop Pro ~The best, I think, graphics program.
HTML Goodies ~Joe Burns has the best HTML, JavaScript, etc. tutorials and books available.
HomeSite ~A HTML text editor and webpage site builder. You can not get any better than this software. It doesn’t not write your code and they now include a WYSIWYG for those new to website design. Bought by Macromedia. So far, they have kept the software "true".
Web Laws ~I think that says it all.

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