Danglie Bits ~ Y2K Wooly Willow Warmer Pattern

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Danglie Bits ~ whimsies that dangle…

Y2K Wooly Willow Warmer Pattern

Free Pattern (not for the politically faint at heart)

     When two knitters get together creativity abounds!! Once a year Ms. Knit and Ms. Gauge fly to one or the other’s home for a two week knit-in. They rarely see the light of day, staying holed up knitting furiously, rarely eating and more likely drinking like sailors.

     Out of this most recent (& currently happening) reunion, Ms. Knit and Ms. Gauge have created their equivalent of the slick Willy Warmer, fondly referred to as the Wooly Moni….. oop, Wooly Willow Warmer (pattern included at the end of this missive). This is a versatile garment as it can be worn as a casual or formal thong. Its versatility ranges from the most causal campus setting to the more formal oval office tryst. Yet sedate enough for any inopportune hotel interrogation. However, for those who are not inclined to wear a thong, it can be worn as a whimsical beret or used as a humidor cover political reference intended.

     We each knit a prototype today & offer to you a generic pattern which will give you a basic guide for beginning your own Y2K Wooly Willow Warmer. Our prototype patterns are available free if requested privately. Ms. Knit created her thong from a multi hued Colinette Fandango Chenille; soft and trendy yet tres comfortable. Ms. Gauge chose Filatura di Crosa’s "No Smoking" gold metallic for a dressier & sexier thong.

     Possibilities abound!! Perhaps this year at the MdS&W, we can attach the Little Blue Sock to our newly knit Wooly Willow Warmers. Ah, the fantasy! Here’s your pattern.

The Y2K Wooly Willow Warmer (generic thong pattern)

Yarn – Sport (Worsted, Bulky)
Needles – 5 (7, 10) US
Gauge – 6 sts X 8 rows (5 sts X 7 rows, 3.5 sts X 5 rows) to the inch

Front panel

CO 60 (50, 34) stitches
Row 1: K Row 2 (Decrease Row): K1, SSK, K until 3 stitches remain, K2tog, K1
Continue in garter stitch (K every row) working decrease row every other row 12 (14, 15) more times, then every row 0 (4, 7) times

Crotch panel

Work even on these 14 (12, 8) stitches until approximately 8" from beginning
Work decrease row
Work 2 (1, 1) rows even
Work decrease row
Work 1 row even
Work decrease row every row 1 (3, 4) times, 2 sts.


Continuing in garter stitch work on remaining 2 stitches until approximately 15" from beginning or to desired length. Place stitches on holder.

Hip band

Work 2 stitch I-cord (twisted cord or braid) to fit hips when joined to front panel.
Run cord through 2 stitches from holder. Join band to front panel or add ties to each side of front panel and tie ends of the band.


Yarn choice should represent the recipients personality, ranging from basic wool or cotton, to novelty such as metallic, eyelash, slub, etc. Get creative! Think cables, bobbles, lace, fair isle, intarsia, etc. Get crazy! Think sequins, beads, glitter and glitz.

Alterations for alternative men’s wear – Short rowing and animal intarsia depictions of one or more jungle or barn yard animals. Example: Burro or Pachyderm

Credit should be given to Marie McCoy-Hock of the Funny Farm and Sherry from Oklahoma. Copyrighted © April 16, 1999. Permission is granted to copy this pattern, as long as their names & copyright is on the pattern.

© copyright by ~ Debbi Matz
PO Box 1280 Pine Grove CA 95665

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