Free Printable Physical Science Engineering Design Projects

Design Squad is an interactive, physical science diy show for kids on PBS. On Design Squad, Kids are challenged to build and create their own design and engineering projects. Challenges include windmills, kicking machines, amusement park rides and even a dance mat that works just like Dance Dance Revolution. Kids compete on the show for prizes, but the good news is that your creative little engineer can play along at home! Our youngest daughter Emma has the week off from school. Naturally being a very hands-on kid and having a mom who is the free printable Diva, she sought me out for free printable internet crafts and activities to explore. We found the Design Squad website, and it was just brimming with free printable activities and challenges right from the show. The activities are easy to read and understand. The required materials are stuff you find around the house,dad’s workshop and in your recycling bin -very green and eco-friendly, how cool is that? My little builder spent her afternoon on this rainy, mucky day building a ‘green’ scale model elevator/amusement park ride. After completion, it was tested on Polly Pocket, who plummeted to her doom. Emma promptly re-evaluated, declaring, ‘seatbelts!’. Okay so that challenge sent her back to the drawing board. That’s good. She learned two valuable lessons. First that nothing comes instantly. And second mistakes are as valuable as success if you learn something and improve your work. That’s what learning is all about. Practice. Trial and error. Doing things hands-on. Did you know that Thomas Edison tried and failed 3,000 times before he discovered that Tungsten was the element he sought for his electric light bulb? So get to your computer and visit or click here: Design Squad for your free printable physical science challenges. Use them for classrooms, homeschool, family fun, scouts, day care, Destination Imagination, 4H and anytime you need a ‘green’ rainy day fun activity!

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