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Fiber Resources

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Raw fiber resources available. Listed by state and country.


Internet Lists that list and sell fiber:
Fleece for Sale


Carolina Homespun
Mail Orders: 455 Lisbon Street, San Francisco, CA 94112
Orders and Information:  (800)450-SPUN(7786)  (415)337-6876  FAX Orders: (415)586-3457
Email: morgaine@carolinahomespun.com On-line Internet orders: www.carolinahomespun.com
Regular Telephone hours are: Monday through Friday are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT.
Saturday and Sunday 10-4pm PDT. We try to answer the phone when we are here. Please remember that Carolina Homespun is now in San Francisco, CA and call after 8am Pacific Standard Time.
Regular Shop hours are: Monday and Friday 3-7pm and Sunday 1-5pm. please call to make sure we are here as we are closed for shows and classes.
Carolina Homespun Supplies: Books, Classes, Fleeces & Fibers, Tools, Equipment, Spinning Wheels & Supplies, Kumihimo, Weaving Supplies, Looms, Knitting Yarns & Supplies, Dyes & Dyeing Aids, Specialty Items, Videos & more.


Land of Oz
Denise Bechelder. Radcliffe, IA
Email: landofoz@netins.net   Web Page: http://showcase.netins.net/web/ozfamily/
Breed: Romney, RomneyX, Jacob (1) and Lincoln (1)
Color: Always White and Grey fleece available, occasionally black or near black. Clean, Fine llama fleece available most of the time.
Roving of wool, llama, angora, and/or mohair blends usually available. Glass Beaded Orifice Hooks and Glass Bead Tipped Bamboo Knitting Needles and Hair Pins.
Also: Fresh Ground Organic Whole Wheat Flour and other grains. One of a Kind Old World Santa and Cowboy Santa figures.


Bay Colony Farm
Email: Bay Colony Farm
Bay Colony Farm * PO Box 633 * Hadley, MA. 01035 * 413-259-1311
Bay Colony Farm Blog
Angora, classes and more! Check out their site!


The Funny Farm ~ Holy Sheep
Marie Houk-McCoy. 301-874-5340
Email: LILMCC@AOL.COM   Web Page: http://fleecedoff.tripod.com
Raw fleece is available at any time. I currently have several hundred pounds of fleece in a variety of cross breeds and colors. Contact me either by email or phone for information of color and cost. I also have dyed fleece available however it has not been processed into roving… it may be at some point but that will increase the price. Mohair is also available when shepherdess’ husband gets around to shearing the goats!


Sandy’s Royal Angoras
Sandy’s Royal Angoras 25635 Hayes Warren, Michigan 48089-4165
(810) 774-2203 Check out my new updated website
Email: SRA7742203@aol.com   Web Page: http://members.aol.com/sra7742203/
Breeds/Fiber: Angora, wool top, silk,etc.
Find all your Spinning, Weaving needs. German Angora Rabbits, Louet Equipment and Fiber, Ashland Bay Fiber, Henry Attic Yarns.
Appointments and Mail Order

New York

Claudia Krisniski, 59 Spring Road Hudson NY 12534.(518)828-4554
Email: Countrywool@berk.com   Web page: http://www.countrywool.com/
Breeds: Angora Rabbits, French and English, Pedigreed and Crossbred. Raised for fiber and personality. Bunnies available seasonally. Adults available year round.
Fiber: Plucked Angora, Angora Combings and Angora mats. Combed Angora Top available in white only. (NOTE: angora bunnies produce less than a pound of prime fiber per year.For large projects, you may have to reserve stock in advance in order to accumulate enough matching angora from one bunny!)
Colors Available: Black, Chocolate, White, Fawn, Chestnut.

Mary Pratt.
Email: m.pratt@netheaven.com
Breed/Fiber: Romney, and Ramboulett fleeces.
Colors: white, and colored.


Magic Moon Farm.
Linda Somers. 91488 Indian Creek Road, Swisshome, OR 97480-9706 USA. 541-268-2738
Email: magicmoon@harborside.com  Web Page: http://www.harborside.com/~magicmoon/
Breeds/Fiber: Jacobs, Mohair, Alpaca, Bond, Merino, Romney, Border Liecester, various crosses and more. Also: Cyril Lieschke fleeces.

West Virginia

JoEllen Cannedy – Llama Roving
Llama Roving for Spinning. Fluffy white, chestnut and rich black rovings blended with 20% wool $3.25/oz plus S&H. Please send email to CANNEDJOLA@AOL.COM and use Llama Roving in the subject line. Note! JoEleen does not have a website at this time.


Coneflower Farm.
Martha Maxwell, 7711 Midtown Road, Verona WI 53593.608-845-7717
Email: dpmaxwell@globaldialog.com
Web Page: http://www.spindrifters.com/
Breed/Fiber: Covered Corriedale fleeces, colored and white.
Most Coneflower Farm Corriedales have wool in various shades of gray, but we are pleased to be able to offer a few truly unique fleeces in the moorit, or brown, range of colors. These are designated dark chocolate, milk chocolate, tan or champagne. To our knowledge, no other Corriedale flock in the country produces this coloring. It is similar to that of the moorit Merinos in Australia. To get an idea of the appearance of this wool, see the picture of French Silk, our original brown (moorit) ram, and his fleece.

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